South Carolina Construction Recruiter

For Clients:

Synergy Professionals is a South Carolina construction recruiter. Our network of South Carolina area construction professionals allows us to identify those candidates that may not be actively looking for a new position. We utilize our industry contacts to reach out to those passive candidates, as well as active candidates, to recruit high quality employees other recruiters miss.


For Candidates:

As a South Carolina construction recruiter, our network of clients and industry contracts in the South Carolina area provides us with the knowledge of which construction employers are most likely to need your particular skills. We can then market your resume directly to the hiring authority for the employer rather than submitting it via the company website. That bypasses any automated screening programs that may arbitrarily reject your resume, and puts your qualifications directly in the hands of the person who does the hiring.





•Assistant Project Manager •Office Engineer •Commercial •Military and U.S.A.C.E.
•Assistant Superintendent •Operations Manager •Construction Management •Multi-Family (Multifamily) & Single Family
•Business Development Manager •Preconstruction Manager, Pre-construction Manager, Estimator •General Construction •Owner/Developer
•CAD Operator •President •Healthcare •P3 Projects
•CFO •Project Controls Manager •Heavy Civil •Power/Energy
•Chief Estimator •Project Engineer •Heavy Civil Marine •Residential
•Contracts Manager •Project Executive •Higher Education •Retail
•Controller •Project Manager •Hospitality •Roadway and Bridge
•Corporate Safety Director •Quality Control Manager •Industrial •W/WWTP
•Developer •Safety Manager •K-12
•Director of Operations •Sales/Marketing Manager Columbia, SC Charleston, SC
•Draftsperson •Scheduling Manager Charlotte, NC
•Field Engineer •Senior Project Manager
•Human Resources Manager •Superintendent
•MEP Coordinator •Vice President

South Carolina Construction Recruiter


South Carolina is home to many successful and prosperous cities. A popular place to settle is Columbia, South Carolina’s capital. It’s centrally located to the beach and the mountains. Columbia is one of the biggest cities in the state, and the population has grown to just over 120,000. Another major city, Greenville, is located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and has cooler weather than the coastal areas of South Carolina.  It snows usually about once or twice a year in the uppermost part of the state, and Greenville is the largest city in the upstate.  It has an estimate of about 60,000 residents.  This area has seen some of the largest growth for non-coastal areas in South Carolina and is expected to grow even more in coming years. Additionally, when talking about South Carolina, one can’t forget CharlestonCharleston is known for its history and culture. Its economy is also based largely on tourism, and it has started to make its way into the international tourism and real estate markets as it’s become the cultural hub of the state. The main peninsula and surrounding areas contain numerous places to enjoy yourself including historic sites, museums, and art galleries. The city of Charleston provides residents and tourists the opportunity to enjoy a higher-end port and 6 beaches along the coast.


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